The purpose of The Foundation is to provide capital to advance, promote and enhance educational programs for Hawley Students.

We are the only organization that focuses exclusively on Classroom Impact for grades K-12.

classroom impact

Below are just a few examples of the projects the foundation has started:

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Sara Klingfus - Music Teacher

“We have 16 new yamaha guitars. They are beautiful! The 5th and 6th grade students for next year are excited for this opportunity. They will be used along with the remaining guitars from the late 70's.

Thank you to the Hawley Education Foundation Grant!”

Classroom guitar reaches many students with basic information on guitar playing. This includes: parts of the guitar, how to hold the guitar, how to read guitar chord charts, how to strum and change chords, how to sing and play at the same time. Learning guitar is another way to engage and reach more students. Guitar is taught at the elementary in grade 5 for 6 weeks. This is something that all students can use lifelong.

Expected Impact: 75-210 Students every year

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Technology for Enhanced Instruction

Kim Ulven - World History Instructor

The Touchjet can turn any wall or table into an 80” interactive touch screen, enabling students to interact with thousands of educational apps.

In World History classes, maps are used for every chapter. The Touchjet will be a great tool to enhance map skills and add to class participation and instruction integration. It will be used to visit and examine places in history. It will also be used in Advanced Placement Psychology and General Psychology for onlines assessments, experiments, and visual aids. For Economics and personal finance, students could examine charts and graphs ranging from the stock market crash/Great Depression Era to political polls.

Expected Impact: 60-120 students every year.

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Spanish Novels

Marlee Schmidt Olson - Spanish Instructor

Two sets of Spanish novels (La Vampirata and Bianca Nieves) and their accompanying teacher’s guides will be used to teach past tense grammar to students. Students generally struggle to learn the past tense because it is grammatically complex. This difficulty distracts students from more advanced courses. These books will present the concepts in an engaging and comprehensible manner. More students will be retained in the advanced Spanish courses and the program will grow.

Expected Impact: 40 Students per year for 5 years.

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Bringing History to Life

Nicole Martin - Third Grade Teacher & Social Studies and Reading Committee

Reenactments provide an engaging and hands on approach to teaching history. When students dress up in costumes they are more engaged and develop a personal connection with historical events. Historical costumes and replica artifacts were purchased to engage, enhance and better meet the needs. Students will create movies and skits and complete writing projects and assessments.

Expected Impact: 180-250 students each year (3rd, 4th, 5th Grade)

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American History - Rise of Sectionalism

Steve Pasche - American History Instructor

One of the key events in the period leading up to the Civil War is the Dred Scott Supreme Court ruling. This is considered a seminal event in bringing about the Civil War. The book, A Family’s Struggle for Freedom, will be integrated into the curriculum, and will allow students to gain a much deeper understanding of the significance of the Dred Scott decision, and its role in triggering the Civil War.

Expected Impact: 75-90 Students per year

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